Gamemastering 1 – General Prep

TL;DR – This is a first of three posts describing how to prepare and gamemaster Forged Facets. Forged Facets is designed to be run in two different ways; either by collaboratively playing-to-find-out or by generating an event set to explore. Regardless of what model you choose, or if you create your own, you need to start with the general prep, which is what this post will dive into.

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Facets in Forged Facets

TL;DR – In Forged Facets facets replace much of the numerics found in other games. This is deliberate as the design goals have been to reduce the gap between the fiction created between the Gamemaster and players around the table, and the resolution mechanics.

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Arcs and Hooks in Forged Facets

TL;DR – Forged Facets use levers to model character motivations and key elements in the story. Levers are pushed and pulled during play and can be seen as descriptive statements, formatted as powerful cues for roleplaying and character motivation. They are also designed to create player agency and ties into the experience system.  

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Forged Iron

I almost always start to work on my projects from a conceptual level. I try to find a thread that binds some ideas together or

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System Comparisons

As the Facets Engine is currently under development and implemented in its first version in Iron Facets, I thought it might be in place to

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