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System Comparisons

As the Facets Engine is currently under development and implemented in its first version in Iron Facets, I thought it might be in place to make some comparisons to give a better heritage overview of the system, and what you could expect from it. First of all, in its implementation in Iron Facets, it is designed to put the focus on the narrative rather than numbers, provide a collaborative framework and toolset for fantasy adventures. The design goals have been to create a small and fast-played, adaptable system, with descriptive faceted abilities instead of values and scores, and to cut away as much mechanical clutter as possible on the player side, all while staying within the framework games Powered by the Apocalypse have established. It is based on Alfacet System, my old lovechild I designed and played years ago, long before I discovered story games, using dice pools and trait […]

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Let’s talk about #workflow

Before I start, here’s a little bit about my background. When I started with my game design ventures when I was 19 or 20, I wrote pages and pages top down without no real plan och goal. I had at that time been a creative person for my whole life, was deemed an artistic child kid at a young age and was put into art schools. But I had never had any appreciation shown for my writing skills at that time, and I had never found any joy in writing either. In the times before desktop PC’s and digital publishing tools with only a Xerox available through a friends dad, we did early prototyping, layout, and design without knowing it. A calligraphy set spurred out creativity, so we practiced old style hand lettering. We did headings we cut out and glued on top of hand-drawn decorated character sheets to Rolemaster […]

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