Facets in Forged Facets

TL;DR – In Forged Facets facets replace much of the numerics found in other games. This is deliberate as the design goals have been to reduce the gap between the fiction created between the Gamemaster and players around the table, and the resolution mechanics. Human Interaction I’ve always been fascinated by human interaction, what creates motivation in people to interact, and what facilitates interaction. When I started out with roleplaying games in 1984, I was nine years old, had no game preferences at all besides Monopoly and Yatzy. I was blown away by the dices we rolled in the Swedish BRP clones we got in our hands, and couldn’t almost understand how cool it was to have a friend ‘s older brother guide us through mazes and labyrinths guarded by monsters. With time, we explored other games and started to shape opinions on what was good and what wasn’t. And […]

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