Gamemastering Forged Facets 1 – General Prep

TL;DR – This is a first of three posts describing how to prepare and gamemaster Forged Facets. Forged Facets is designed to be run in two different ways; either by collaboratively playing-to-find-out or by generating an event set to explore. Regardless of what model you choose, or if you create your own, you need to start somewhere. The general prep allows you to create player agency by integrating their thinking process and ideas into the world. This way the players will more easily feel invested in the game. The difference between the two ways lies in how you populate the fiction; in the play-to-find-out approach, you rely on a clean collaborative narration to build plot and through that discover the ongoing narrative around it, while in the event set you have predefined a set of event guidelines to use for a basis for the evolving story. Whereas both systems rely […]

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