Gamemastering 1 – General Prep

TL;DR – This is a first of three posts describing how to prepare and gamemaster Forged Facets. Forged Facets is designed to be run in two different ways; either by collaboratively playing-to-find-out or by generating an event set to explore. Regardless of what model you choose, or if you create your own, you need to start with the general prep, which is what this post will dive into. General Prep Before starting to play you need to prepare a few cornerstones that will help you uphold the rest of the narrative, regardless of which method you prefer. If you as a Gamemaster already have a concept to build from, pin it down and share it with the group, so everyone knows what goes and what doesn’t. If not, keep it open and invite the players to discuss and collaborate on the outlines. World-Building To get everyone on the same page, […]

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