Iron Facets

Iron Facets is a simple fantasy story game built on the Facets Engine, a description-centered game mechanics framework, where you let the fiction dictate the use of mechanics, much like other story games have it done. Iron Facets is not bound to a specific setting but is designed to facilitate various degrees of collaborative narration.

Based on both new and old designs I’ve experimented with, but with a heritage and influences from established story game principles, players familiar with games powered by the apocalypse (PbtA), forged in the dark (FitD), and powered by Fate, will quickly recognize its various components and approaches. It is designed around facets and levers, which are descriptive labels that can be addressed, pushed and pulled, which are tightly integrated into the experience mechanics. Characters have no scores or values, and instead, you base your competence in a given situation on relevant facets you have, and predefined playbooks make it easy to get started without any real experience from the game.

The design goals have been to create a small and fast-played, adaptable system, to make it modular and to give it a low learning threshold, usable off-the-shelf for any narratively driven game, or game design project. The game has a

Iron Facets is currently in a public beta testing phase, and your feedback is more than welcome and will help polish the game for the full release sometime next year.

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In Progress

  • Playbook – The Scornful Thief

On the Table

  • Playbooks – The Allegiant, Avaricious, Banished, Journeyer, Keeper, Questing, and the Vassal
  • Module – Magic
  • Module – Creatures and Encounters
  • Module – Mastery Paths





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