Levers in Forged Facets

TL;DR – Forged Facets use levers to model character motivations and key elements in the story. Levers are pushed and pulled during play and can be seen as descriptive statements, formatted as powerful cues for roleplaying and character motivation. They are also designed to create player agency and ties into the experience system. ¬† Lack of Focus Have you ever played a game where characters run around trying to find a common thread to cling onto? Or a game where the players struggle with creating engaging motivations that matter over time? Or have you gamemastered a group with a very unevenly spread narration experience – or knowledge? If so, you know how much time and energy you could spend to align and get everyone going in the same direction. In Forged Facets, this natural, but quite tedious lack of focus, is addressed by introducing levers. A lever is a descriptive […]

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